Welcome to Alles Kits

Your child goes to elementary school, and you want to work or study (again). Whatever the reason may be, your home situation will change and you need to make choices. After school child care care is one of the options to offer to your child.

We realize that this is a major change for both you and your child(ren). Alles Kits offers pre- and afterschool childcare to children from ages 4 till 12 years old.

Currently Alles Kits offers childcare at the Van Reenen School, European School and Adriaan Roland Holst school. Alles Kits also provides childcare during the school holidays.

We believe that it is important for children to feel comfortable with us. We therefor create an atmosphere in which we pay a lot of attention to the children, in which we encourage the development and social skills of the children, and where they have the freedom to make their own choices.





spelende kinderen bij kinderopvang alles kits in bergen