Voluntary role of Alles Kits

Founded in Bergen, Alles Kits feels very connected to the community. Situated in this beautiful landscape, which we apreciate very much and  where we  very often take the children, we have made it a tradition to  yearly clean up the beaches together with the children and in cooperation with the Muncipality of Bergen.

Together on the beach, the first sunbeams warming us up, filling up garbage bins, we have a lot of fun!

On the 27th of April we celebrate the King's birthday! A very typical dutch event in which the whole village of Bergen is involved. On this day Alles Kits organises and attends all sorts of games for the children all over the village, helping the Oranjevereniging Bergen.

"Create a gorgeous flag or the most beautiful King!"

Alles KITS ' Easterbunnies  hand out  small chocolate eggs to all the children in Bergen to celebrate Easter! Dressed up as real Bunnies, it is always a big hit with lots of smiling faces!

"Where do Sint and his Pieten stay when they are visiting the Netherlands?" It's always a big secret..... nobody can really tell, but there is a story that says that Sinterklaas will stay in Bergen...

Alles Kits teachers help when- and where ever they can at the 'Sinterklaashuis', Sinterklaas' home when he is in the Netherlands, to enjoy the children visiting.




gezamenlijk georganiseerde activiteiten bij kinderopvang alles kits in bergen