Pedagogical policy

Alles Kits guarantees safe and responsible care taking in a comfortable surrounding. Therefore we work with regular teachers on the groups. Every child is different and our teachers respect the unique background of every child, and treat him or here accordingly. We use a daily schedule with a creative-  and and a group activity to be offered every day. The children decide for themselves if they want to join in or not. We emphasize the use of leisure and let the children make their own choices.

Our care is based upon pedagogical aims, focussing on supporting the development and the wellbeing of the children, to help them become independant personalities with a clear sense of value, confidence and social skills.

Our vision on afterschool care is recorded in our pedagogical policy. In this policy the following subjects are addressed to; the social skills of the child ( how does the child develop in the group), the social safety of the child, personal skills (which skills does the child develop) and the execution of  standards and values (group rules and treating the other children). You can always ask the teachers for our policies. The main language in our organization is Dutch. 


gezamenlijk georganiseerde activiteiten bij kinderopvang alles kits in bergen