After school child care

When children have spent the whole day at school, it is a joy for them to be welcomed in a relaxed and familiar environment after school, where they can decide for themselves what they want to do. We encourage the children to participate in the activities offered but also give them the opportunity to play themselves, inside or outside,  or to relax on the couch in order to read a book or magazine.
All this will take place under the supervision of our professional teachers, who are well educated to give each and every one of them the specific attention they need.
Alles Kits offers after-school childcare at the following locations; Van Reenen School, European School and Adriaan Roland Holst school. Children from other schools who are joining Alles Kits, are picked up by our own Alles Kits bus and are taken care of at our location at the Van Reenen school.


buiten activiteiten bij kinderopvang alles kits in bergen