Based on your income and the amount of children attending, we can calculate your costs for childcare. This calculation is for childcare at the Van Reenenschool. Because the European school has different schoolhours, holidays and therefore different afterschoolhours, for those attending the European school we have a different calculation method.

If you want to know the costs for afterschool childcare at our location at the European school, Molenweidtje 5, are, please click here.


Legislation for parents who make use of childcare is simple. To receive an allowance for afterschool childcare, you have to apply for this with the Tax Authorities. You do not need to request for childcare support to your employer anymore. Everyone is entitled to support in childcare. Even when your income is taxed abroad or when your income is free of taxes due to international law. Independant entrepeneurs can also make use of this legislation. There are no extra charges for your employer, for any kind of childcare. Fill in the form above to see what your costs for childcare will be. Due to differences in rounding up, there might be a small difference to the actual allowance.


You can apply for support on .


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