Alles Kits briefly

Alles Kits childcare organization has been providing the best childcare for children in the elementary school age for over fifteen years now.

We were the first  BSO organization in Bergen, starting at the TNO-building in Bergen. Nowadays Alles Kits provides childcare at several locations.

All locations are set up taken into account the identity of the particular schools,  based upon a very intensive cooperation with these schools.  From 7:30 pm to 18:30 we offer childcare. A team of  professional teachers that has worked in childcare for many years, is offering its services from our several different locations.

Our team is a group of different personalities with different skills. We have teachers who are very good at sport activities, both doing and organising them. Teachers who are creative and have an ear for music, but also teachers with a heart for the environment.

We offer various contract forms, and also child care during the holidays and study days.




strandactiviteiten en paardrijden bij kinderopvang alles kits in bergen